LFG´s values

The group brings together Swedish companies within production of trailers and bodies for trucks. We comprise some 50 companies which together turn over SEK 11 billion and have around 3,720 direct employees. We are an important part of the Swedish vehicle industry and collaborate with truck manufacturers in terms of expertise and product development. Large and small companies working together have made the Swedish vehicle industry a world leader in many respects. LFG is a coordinated group for internal skills development, business intelligence and communication, with the aim of strengthening the domestic industry for trailers and bodies for trucks.


The Swedish Body Builder Association (LFG) and our members are as dependent on the world in which we live as society is dependent on a flourishing industry. This means that all decisions that we, our members and politicians make, must be based on responsibility for economic effects as well as environmental and social impact. We all share responsibility for Sweden’s future.


Valuable discounts for LFG members

Valuable discounts for LFG members
The benefits of a membership in LFG are many. Alongside the network, continuous regulatory monitoring, courses, seminars and member meetings, LFG’s member companies receive a good discount on the stand area at Elmia Truck. For the first 100 square meters outdoors, you as a member pay only SEK 165: – / m2 compared to SEK 275: – / m2 regular price (basic fee applies). One novelty is that you as a member from 2020 can also get a discount even on the stand surface indoors. Make sure you get the most out and the best as an exhibitor at the Nordic region’s largest and most well-known truck fair! For more information – talk to Calle at LFG: +46 8 782 08 44.


LFG collaborates with CLCCR – Committee of the Body and Trailer Building Industry

LFG is a member of the European Sector Committee of the Body and Trailer Building Industry (CLCCR). This enables the association and its members to monitor and influence legislation at EU level, which has increased in importance since joining the EU in 1994.

CLCCR website

Board of Directors and Nomination Committee

Board of Directors

Carina Jakobsson, Translink Holding AB, Chairman
Daniel Majgren, Cargotec Sweden AB
Per Mikkelsen, VBG Group Truck Equipment AB
Hans Olsson, Släp och Lastbilspåbyggnader i Övertorneå AB
Per Olsson, Parator Industri AB
Urban Åhrlin, Rolba Svenska AB

Honorary Chairman

Åke Persson, Laxo Mekan AB

LFG´s Nomination Committee nominates candidates for LFG´s Board of Directors

Jörgen Carlsson, AB Bröderna Johanssons Karosserifabrik
Per Sundin, Sunfab
Mikael Tornbjörk, Sörling-Ilsbo



David Cramér, Secretary General

Helen Schneider, Coordinator

E-mail: lfg@tebab.com



AB Bröderna Johanssons Karosserifabrik
AB Mähler & Söner
Alf Pettersson AB
Atrans AB
Autokaross i Floby AB
Bergs Fegen AB
Bodensläp AB
Bollstad Mekaniska Verkstad Bollmek AB
Cargo Modul Trading AB
Cargotec Sweden AB
Eksjö Maskin & Truck AB
El & Fordonsteknik i Uppsala AB
engcon Sweden AB
Exte Fabriks AB
Fassi Sverige AB
Floby Nya Bilverkstad AB
Gehab Kvalitetspåbyggaren AB
Grothkaross AB
Hellgrens Lastvagnsservice AB
Hinz Försäljnings AB
Interconsult Sverige AB
J. Sörling-Ilsbo AB
JOAB Försäljnings AB
Jämjö-Flak AB
Laxo Mekan AB
Lefab i Bureå AB
Mekauto AB
OP Höglunds AB
Ory AB
Parator Industri AB
Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Sweden AB
PLS Truck Bodies AB
Rolba Svenska AB
Sala Skåp AB
Specialkarosser AB
Sunfab Hydraulics AB
Tankmobil AB
Translink Holding AB
Trux AB
Wagnfabriken Motala AB
Zetterbergs Industri AB
Z-Lyften Produktion AB
Ängsgårdens System AB