The value of a lorry’s chassis is created by what can be added to it. Sweden’s leading body and trailer building companies are gathered in the trade association Lastfordonsgruppen (LFG) (The Association of Swedish Truck Body Manufacturers). If you are looking for a serious body and trailer builder or a forum that looks after the interests of such manufacturers, you have come to the right place.

LFG is an association made up of some 50 companies in Sweden. Its members are active as manufacturers of body and trailer add-ons and components. The members are spread across the whole of Sweden and represent all types of add-on structures, from timber trailers, containers and dumper platforms to cranes, snowploughs and tankers.

The trade association is a forum for the members to discuss, develop and influence conditions in the sector. LFG also represents the body and trailer builders in relation to other stakeholders in the automotive sector, such as chassis manufacturers, subcontractors, the haulage industry, standardisation bodies and trade fair organisers. Another important task for LFG is to act as a referral body for the authorities issuing laws and regulations that affect the automotive sector. Last but not least, the trade association makes it possible for us body and trailer builders to meet, conduct interesting study visits and have fun together.

The body and trailer builders’ European organisation, the Committee of the Body and Trailer Building Industry (CLCCR), provides the opportunity to influence the legislation that is produced in Brussels, which has become much more extensive since entry into the EU.
LFG is a trade group within Teknikföretagens Branschgrupper AB.